Schönbrunner Perlen


  1. Today i Feel feat. Midimúm
  2. Andreas Buchner - The Devil behind my Shoulder
  3. Today i Feel (Alex Q Remix)
  4. Today i Feel feat. Martin Steer (Ken Haykawa Remix)
  5. Today i Feel - Clark Davis Remix

Andreas Buchner and Sebastian Oberst found each other some time ago in their
hometown in lower Bavaria to start their first own band.
The two guys started experimenting with guitars and effects and explored many
different styles of music. After the split of their last band, they discovered
their shared love for electronic music, especially house music and began to buy
vinyl to create their first DJ-Sets with their buddy Andreas Wagner
(aka “EinerWeniger“) calling themselves “Fourfingers”. Besides playing at some
private parties, they organized their own ones in some venues in their hometown,
which have always been a great success.

In 2009 Sebastian moved to Vienna to study. Enjoying the night life of this great
cityvhe soon became resident at the weekly “Klub Fraktal“ and played in almost
every Club in Vienna.

In 2010 Andreas followed his good friend to Vienna and focussed on producing
music. His experimental concept album “Ascent/ Decline“ will be released in 2012
(August 18th) on Antime, a young online label from Berlin.

In Vienna the both of them became part of the “Schönbrunner Perlen“-crew, a nice
community which has always been open-minded for something different and new. As
a result the song “Today I Feel (ft. Martin Steer)“, produced by Andreas Buchner
and Sebastian Oberst in some kind of a magic late night session, is on the second
release of the vienna-based label.
Release: Oberst & Buchner – Today I Feel feat. Midimúm