Schönbrunner Perlen


  1. MOTSA - Sleepless Nights (Original Mix)
  2. MOTSA - Sleepless Nights (Ken Hayakawa Remix)
  3. MOTSA - Sleepless Nights (Thomas Stieler Remix)
  4. Emil Berliner - Zum Schafott (Original Mix)
  5. Emil Berliner - Zum Schafott (Radio Diffusion Remix)
  6. Emil Berliner - Zum Schafott (Ken Hayakawa Remix))

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After four well-received EPs from the likes of Lupo and Denis Yashin,
Vienna’s Schönbrunner Perlen label offers up a diverse Various Artists EP
for its 5th release. A certain depth characterises the music as ever,
with it ranging from buried below the surface and driving to more bass
driven and bouncy, but always it is well executed and slick in its design.

Scottish producer and career experimentalist MOTSA goes first with
‘Sleepless Nights’ and it finds him in a lively yet late night mood.
Pulsing rubbery kicks drive the track along as organic piano notes bring
a sombre vibe above. The percussion is smooth and slick and proves there
is plenty of life in deep house yet. Ken Hayakawa – an Austrian who has
released on labels like International Deejay Gigolo – tackles the remix and
turns the track into something more kinetic and restless. The grooves are
wavy here, and howling distant voices add an air of unease. The second remix
comes from German Thomas Stieler who opts for a quick paced house cut with
grainy metal percussive sounds peeling off the kicks next to subtle,
ever shape shifting chords. It’s physical yet more than inviting.

The next track ‘Zum Schafott’ from Emil Berliner again mines a rich deep house
vein where bottom ends shuffle and ripple along smoothly as various chords and
neon tones colour the space above.Some spoken word vocal samples add an extra
layer of narrative and filmic depth and with great grace does the track carry
you along without a care in the world.The first of the two remixes comes from
Radio Diffusion who makes the track feel much heavier with his weight, raw kicks
and slightly slower tempo. There’s plenty of wobble in his zithering synths, too,
and jazzy shades in his one finger key stabs. Ken Hayakawa then reappears to remix
the same trackand twist it into something a little more frazzled and technoid,
away from the original’s smoothness to a place that’s slighty more nervy and tense.
It closes out a nicely rounded EP that whole clearly designed for the dancefloor,
also shows a whole lot of heart.