Schönbrunner Perlen

Viennese Electronic Music with attitude between High End and Low Key

It all started in 2006 with the tingling slogan “Schönbrunner Techno”.
Initially brought together as an open platform for music straight out
the fifth district from Vienna. As time passed by, it became a highly
sworn-in collective of 21 Vienna based artists. The idea was pretty
obvious, forming the creative and professional potential to a new
structure called “label”. SCHÖNBRUNNER PERLEN is not only just a colourful
mashup of locals pretending internationality. It´s much more, homegrown quality: trademark Vienna.

The label goals of SCHÖNBRUNNER PERLEN are as simple as strict. It´s all about releasing highly ambitious audio-visual projects, singles and albums, digitally and physically. Each release is accompanied by a video. The artworks are emerging in collaboration with artists around the Perlen crew, a local – scene based recognition value seems to be guaranteed.

Stylistically no boundaries, the underground array between techno, house and pop should be exhausted in every direction. The only unshakeable criterion is the confession to defined and implemented quality in it´s clearest way. That´s more or less what SCHÖNBRUNNER PERLEN is demanding, but definetely never below!