Schönbrunner Perlen


  1. Easy Like You Do/li>
  2. Inside and Around
  3. Easy Like You Do (Echonomist’s Re-Adventure mix)
  4. Inside and Around (Zanshin Circumstantial Relocation mix)
  5. Try to Find the Way [Digital exclusive]r
  6. Inside and Around (Ken Hayakawa remix) [Digital exclusive]

Young Austrian label Schonbrunner Perlen team up with Denis Yashin for a brand
new EP featuring remixes from Echonomist, Zanshin and label boss Ken Hayakawa…

The Schonbrunner Perlen label launched earlier this year, spawned from the
local Austrian electronic music scene that arose from Vienna’s fifth district
of the same name. Focused on releasing quality electronic music with little
regard for musical genre, the label, headed by Ken Hayakawa, has already been
picking up attention with its first two releases from Oberst & Buchner and
Hayakawa himself.

Now Schonbrunner Perlen turns to Austrian producer Denis Yashin for their third
release, the excellent ‘Easy Like You Do EP’. Yashin originally hails from
Siberia but as been an integral part of the Austrian music scene for over a
decade now, recording for labels such a Tongut, Eintakt & Team rec.

This latest EP is built around two new original cuts from Yashin in the shape
of ‘Easy Like You Do’ and ‘Inside and Around’, both tracks are richly produced
slices of vocal electronica that showcase this producers serious talent.
The former takes a more uptempo filtered house music approach whilst the latter
has a retro fuelled nu-disco feel to it, filled with warm bass, pads and smooth
vocals, both tracks exude quality.

Completing the vinyl release we have a remix of ‘Easy Like You Do’ by Greek
producer Echonomist who delivers a delightfully laid back and sunkissed
house cut. Paired with that we have Zanshin’s energetic and unique remix of
‘Inside and Around’ that marries elements of techno, dubstep, electro & disco
to create something truly special.

Looking beyond the vinyl release, there are two digital exclusive’s; Yanshin’s
excellent funk laden ‘Try to Find the Way’ and Ken Hayakawa’s remix of
‘Inside and Around’ that journeys into the realms with deep, melodic house
with real style.

A superb package from a label who are set for big things, enjoy!